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We Bought a Barrel From Maker's Mark

We Bought a Barrel From Maker's Mark

When our journey to build a leather goods brand in Kentucky began, we established our mission to handcraft leather goods to the highest possible standard and do so while staying true to our Kentucky roots. How do we remain loyal to those Kentucky roots we were raised on? One word – bourbon. 


Two Time-Tested Kentucky Traditions Collide

One of the first distilleries that came into our workshop four years ago, were our friends from Maker’s Mark. As a young startup barely out of our dorm room, we were honored to meet with an iconic bourbon distillery like Maker’s Mark. They walked in with a strong affinity for classic, time-honored craftsmanship and compared our goods to the bottles shipped out of Loretto, Kentucky. We quickly recognized the shared values we both hold as proud Kentucky-based brands. From their hand-hand labeled bottles to the hand-dipped wax finish, Maker’s Mark understood our determination (and challenge) to create each of our goods by hand, ensuring the highest possible quality.   


Four years into our partnership, we've collaborated to craft custom Maker’s Mark Rocks Glasses, iconic Red-Tipped Sunglass Straps and leather Presidential Seal Bottles. Along with Breeder's Cup appearances, music festival activations, Belt Making Class collaborations and gifting card holders in Las Vegas to their worldwide sales team, we feel it's time to celebrate this loyal partnership. 





Our team visited the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky to blend our own unique bourbon flavor profile. When we returned to Louisville, we realized this was too good not to share. So, we acquired our liquor license — we can officially sell bourbon directly out of our flagship retail store! Buying an entire private select barrel from Maker’s Mark has been a dream of ours, so to be able to now sell directly to you is surreal.



It is our mission to create goods that, like a barrel of good ole Maker's Mark, only gets better with time. Stop by our retail store to purchase our barrel pick, plus many more rare(er) bourbons. Cheers!