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The Signature of Full-Grain Leather

The Signature of Full-Grain Leather

The Signature of Full-Grain Leather 

We use one type of leather at Clayton & Crume – Full-grain. 

Full-grain leather is not altered or chemically corrected – natural markings are quite common, such as scars, scratches, insect bites, and stretch marks.

These characteristics differ from the polished appearance of genuine leather, which is chemically treated, bonded and glued together. The imperfections in full-grain hides are a testament to the authenticity and quality of the leather. 

Here’s What To Look For: 

Scars, Scratches, and Stretch Marks 

Full-grain leather often reveals scars and scratches on the hide. These markings should not be mistaken as defects, but rather one-of-a-kind characteristics in each good we handcraft. 


Full-grain leather doesn’t break– it breaks in. After years of typical wear and tear, Full-grain leather develops a soft sheen that appears deeper in both color and character.

Color Variance 

No two full-grain hides are identical in shade, and we believe that’s what makes our goods so unique. 

Authenticity isn’t man made and neither is durable leather. These natural characteristics aren’t flaws — they’re an indication of superior quality leather. We will always commit to crafting with full-grain leather to create goods built to last a lifetime.