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Clayton & Crume x Holy City Handcraft

by Annie Roth  

Clayton & Crume x Holy City Handcraft

Meet Miguel Buencamino

Our friend, official Charleston tour guide, and latest proud partner.

We set out to build a store in Charleston, South Carolina, and quickly realized the need for the guidance of a local expert well-versed in the vibrant food and beverage scene...

In comes Miguel. 

Like our approach to leather goods, Miguel believes the best things are created with your own two hands – using high-quality ingredients and attention to detail. 

Miguel shares our love for crafting intentional goods to share with friends.

“When you create a recipe from scratch and nail the flavors, that’s something that not only I enjoy, but get to share with other folks to enjoy as well.” – Miguel 

When we built our bar at our Flagship retail store, we wanted to develop a cocktail menu connected with Clayton & Crume. This meant diving into the rich history of our building, showcasing our barrel picks, and proudly representing this brand through inspiration from our hometown.

We called on our partner, Miguel of Holy City Handcraft, to help us curate our own cocktail menu at Clayton & Crume with his unique experience in the field. Miguel shares our passion for handcrafting goods using simple but high-quality ingredients to share with friends.

Stop by for a handcrafted cocktail! 

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