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Clayton & Crume Together With Bike4Alz

by Jeff Arsenault  

Clayton & Crume Together With Bike4Alz

We're proud to share with you the story of our Co-Founder, Tyler Jury, who founded a nonprofit that annually bikes 3,200+ miles from coast-to-coast to raise money to end Alzheimer's. This is a cause close to his heart since he has lost both of his grandfathers to this disease. 

"Bike4Alz was started to honor my late grandfather, Barrett Cummings. As a kid, I'd always admired my grandfather. He took me to school every morning, helped my parents build their first home, served as a deacon in his church and was a fight fighter in the military."

Although he was just a 17-year-old recent high school graduate, Tyler knew he had to do something to help. 

"So, I Skype'd my best friend Cameron to tell him of my idea. We could ride bicycles one summer during college to fundraise for Alzheimer's research. And that's how Bike4Alz was born."

Determination Fueled by Admiration: The First Ride

Tyler began recruiting some of his new fraternity brothers at Western Kentucky University just six months later to join in on this philanthropic cross-country bike ride. And in 2010, much to their parents' dismay, the group of seven men set out to raise $75,000 with their back tires in the Pacific and eyes on the roads ahead.

Since the first ride in 2010, six more cross-country treks have been completed, more than $400,000 has been raised and countless conversations have been had to spread awareness about this disease.

"We rode 3,200 miles from Oceanside, California to Yorktown, Virginia. We crossed through nine states, cycling from the Mohave Desert in Arizona to the Continental Divide in Colorado, across the Great Plains of Kansas and through the Ozarks in Missouri. We slept at home in Kentucky and finished in beautiful Virginia. We averaged 78 miles per day, but the most impactful part wasn't the miles, the daily goals are how much was raised – it was the people."

For Tyler, and most of the guys, the trip's big moments were life-changing, but the real impact was made in the smaller, day-to-day interactions.

"We met some of the most amazing, incredible people all across America as a result of our trip. Some of them said our efforts inspired them, but I was inspired each and every day at what our country is make of in our heart and soul. The generosity and care we were shown by complete strangers, and their willingness to lift up and support our cause, are things I'll never forget."

A Cause Close to Our Hearts

"Last December, I lost my second grandfather to Alzheimer's. He's the one we get the Crume from – Wayne Crume Jury, Sr. And I can tell you, it's not any easier the second time around."

The desire Tyler has to play a part in ending Alzheimer's continues to live on today through his undergraduate fraternity – Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) at Western Kentucky University. 

We couldn't be more proud to say that five current full-time Clayton & Crume employees are former participants of Bike4Alz. Including our seasonal staff, over a dozen Bike4Alz participants have worked with us, which is why we wanted to play a special part this year. 

Clayton & Crume x Bike4Alz Fundraising Event

We're inviting you, your friends and family to join us in this fight. Some of us chose to ride our bike cross-country to make a difference, but you don't have to. 

Join us on Tuesday, July 13, at the inaugural Clayton & Crume x Bike4Alz Fundraising Event to play a small part in a big problem. 

Stay tuned – more details to come! 

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