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A One-Of-A Kind Collaboration

by Jeff Arsenault  

A One-Of-A Kind Collaboration

A Project To Be Celebrated

This was a special summer project in collaboration with Maker’s Mark celebrating the much-anticipated release of their first-ever older expression, Cellar Aged. Makers Mark approached us to create a Makers Cellar-Aged Travel Case, reminiscent of a classic travel brief.

Our co-founder and lead product developer, Clay, sketched out and crafted a one-of-a-kind design for this commissioned piece.

All 25 cases were meticulously constructed with 96 hand-hammered nails and secured with robust stitching. Inside, two leather sleeves secure Cellar Aged sample bottles, accompanied by 4 handcrafted stitched Makers coasters. Notably, each coaster features a magnet for secure transit. Under the hatch, 4 Cellar Aged bourbon tasting glasses await.

Adding a final special touch, behind the bottles is a debossed drawing of the original cellar where the barrels for this project were aged. This detail brings the entire project together, reflecting the handcrafted approach we both take in our respective crafts.

We’re really proud of this one.


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